[ROVERNET - UK] Where to find SD1 LH track control arm or LH/RH track arm pair?

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Wed Jul 20 23:40:44 BST 2005

Hi Pierre,
I have never understood why the SD1 control arms must be replace as an
assembly when the basicly identical (but shorter) TR7/8 arms have
replaceable bushes. It ought to be possible to replace the bushes in the
SD1 arms assuming you could find bushes the proper size.

Kent K.

pj.info wrote:
> Dear Rovernetters
> On passing the periodical technical check, everything was fine on my SD1 but I have been told that the LH track control arm is slightly over the slack tolerance, so that it would be fine to replace it. I tried to find it i.e. the LH/RH pair without success. The RH one does'nt seem to be an issue but the LH one doesn't seem to be available anymore (Switzerland, Germany, France, Rimmers, Holland Rover Club, etc...).
> Does anybody know where I could get a new LH one or eventually the pair?
> Here are the Part Numbers:
> CRC1423 (LH track control arm), also GSJ219 ?, also GSJ1104 ?
> CRC1424 (RH track control arm), also GSJ218 ?, also GSJ1103 ?
> Thank you for your reply.
> Best regards,
> Pierre.
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