[ROVERNET - UK] P5B Thanksgiving

Dave Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Wed Jul 20 23:28:02 BST 2005

Hi Kent
Looks like your congregation is going to get a "between the eyes" sermon 
this Sunday ;-)

South Oz

Kent Kinard wrote:
> Hi RoverNetters,
> Herewith is an invitation to celebrate with me the arrival of "THE door
> skin."  Some weeks back, Edward Winchester (or someone in that clan)
> spotted a brand new Left Rear Doorskin for a P5 Coupe on TradeMe (sort
> of like Ebay) and asked if I needed it.  I was, to put it mildly,
> desperate for it, since the LR door of my P5B Coupe was a mess from the
> trim strip down and Wadhams no longer offers the "half door" repair
> panel.  It must surely be the last one in the world. Today it arrived in
> Sterling City, Texas, after a trip more than halfway around the world
> (Christchurch to Auckland to New York to Dallas to Sterling City.)  I
> can now resume work on the Coupe (well, as soon as I get the trans and
> engine back in the P4.)  Today I am blessed.  To say I owe Edward big
> time would be an understatement.
> So celebrations are in order.  If there were a pint of Guinness within
> two hundred miles, I'd drink it, but there isn't, so I need volunteers
> to do it for me.
> Roveroverexcitedly,
> Kent K.

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