[ROVERNET - UK] Radio static???

Dave Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Sun Jul 24 19:57:51 BST 2005

Radio interference can be via two sources,
RF (aerial) or direct (dc supply).

The bonnet, being metallic, helps contain any RF radiation generated 
within the engine compartment. It can only perform this function if it 
is solidly connected to the rest of the body usually with flat braid straps.
The flat braid (as against round cable) is needed at RF frequencies.

Bybass capacitors or filters can help with the dc supply source.

Usually interference is a combination of both.

South Oz

Brooks wrote:
> What would grounding the bonnet do to interfere with the radio ?? The 
> antenna is not fixed to it...I am not arguing the point...just curious. 
> I would expect like most older cars it needs to have a filter to supress 
> the noise...if it has one it may need replacement.
> .Dennis
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>> Make sure the hood (bonnet) has a good ground. I used 1/2" copper 
>> braid on my cars.

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