[ROVERNET - UK] Radio static???

Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Sun Jul 24 23:59:14 BST 2005

The interference can come via the electrical system or as radiowaves. 
RF can be blocked by a medal box (a faraday cage is a name for these, 
BTW). We don't quite have a medal box, but the hood, fenders and base 
unit make almost a box, at least the emission is directed away from 
the aerial and certainly is out of line of sight. That's why you need 
very good electrical bonding between the hood and body. Electrical 
system noise can be controlled with a "choke" inserted in radio power 
line, a good car stereo shop should be able to help you out. Don't 
let them sell you something expensive though, it's a simple device.

A steady clicking strikes me as more RF than electrical, but I have 
been often wrong about these things, lol

As well, checking the aerial ground would be a good idea.


>Hi John
>             I'm confused!!! why would an engine bonnet affect the radio??
>surely it is already ground thru the hinges? I'm wondering if your aerial is
>located on your engine bonnet?? mine is in the roof of the car.
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