[ROVERNET - UK] Radio static???

Dave Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Mon Jul 25 00:05:45 BST 2005

Hi Eric
In the RAAF's PC3 Orions, their radar's have a 200m exclusion zone both 
fwd and aft of the aircraft when operating in ground test mode. Any 
intrusion onto the zone would mean the end to the fathering (or 
mothering) of children.

South Oz

Eric Russell wrote:
> Ben,
> Having just arrived at home and deciding to (wisely)
> check what had been said since your request, I have to
> say that I temporarily removed my electronic ignition
> but expect to refit one soon.
> I didn't have a radio in the car and so didn't
> experience radio noise.
> Now, .... if you want to talk about cavity 
> magnetrons, I was in marine electronics.  Our radars
> HAD cavity magnetrons.  The 6 foot fibreglass radar
> antenna had a stencil that advised the reader to stand
> back at least 6 feet while the radar was operating. 
> That was wise with a 3 foot radius rotating scanner. 
> It was the invention of cavity magnetrons that allowed
> the invention of radar.  Make sure your microwave
> screen is intact!
> Now about radio noise ------ hmmmm.  Don't have a
> radio ------ sorry.
> Eric

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