[ROVERNET - UK] Who is Mercedes kidding?

Hank and Sally Manwell hdmanwell at alumni.bates.edu
Tue Mar 1 00:42:26 GMT 2005

Can't help but come to the defense of the Land Rover's ride.  We used 
both a long and short NADA version all through the 70s in the two mile 
high mountains of Colorado mostly either "off road" or on heavily 
traveled "wash board" clay roads.  The competition then was Ford Bronco, 
JEEP Scout, CJ Jeeps, Nissan Patrol.   The Land Rover handled better 
than any of them (after installing radials) while having a comparatively 
luxurious and controlled ride.   True, the long one was prone to brake 
spring leafs and axles; at least it could be driven home on a broken 
axle thanks to "full floating" bearings.   CJ JEEPS were the hardest to 
ride in followed by Bronco and Scout.  Range Rovers were just coming on 
the scene during the 70s and I don't remember any of them getting to 
Central Colorado.

I've kept the '67 109 Safari six cylinder - same engine as our '64 110 
sedan -; it has the luxury of an adjustable driver's seat.



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