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Sat Mar 12 15:43:04 GMT 2005

The first items that come to mind are the coil and the ignition switch. Try another
coil & see it that works first then procede from there.

Fritz Rauschenberg

Ray Wilkins wrote:

> I have the worst kind of problem with my P6B - an
> intermittent problem! This means it's very hard to
> identify.
> I would be driving along and the car would just die -
> no revs, no spark and no power steering. So that would
> seem to indicate, no electrics - yes?
> I would get out, open the bonnet, fiddle with the
> ignition leads at the dizzie and also the lead to the
> coil, push them down that sort of thing. Jump in the
> car and fire her up no worries. Normally this has
> happened only once during a trip but today it happened
> twice in a very short space of time.
> The car has Pirana electronic ignition.
> So, where do I start looking and what would cause this
> total shutdown? Coil? King Lead? Dizzie cap? Any and
> all suggestions would be very very much appreciated. I
> hope to hear from someone soon.
> Thanks,
> Ray Wilkins
> 1976 P6B
> Melbourne, Australia
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