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Ron Morey morey814 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 21 01:57:44 GMT 2005

greetings all. I fought the inevitable for a number of years but then..I 
stumbled across a plastic welding gun in an electronics auction. If you have 
a number of things to repair this is the better way to go if the parts are 
not available in good used condition. It is an electronics heat gun, basicly 
a hair dryer on steroids. You will need a focusing tip as well to direct the 
heat to a small area. If you are careful almost any plastic piece can be 
repaired. My successes so far have been on the SD1. That includes the front 
air dam, vinyl replacements in the interior and straightening bent plastic 
pieces. My failure has included a window switch-it shrunk when I applied 
heat in my efforts to straighten the retaining clip. It was a clear case of 
too much heat. A new gun costs about 125-150 Cdn plus a tip for $10-20. You 
can spend up to 400 easily if you want a more comprehensive unit with 
infinitely variable heat. I have used both and found very little difference. 
Steinel (Stienel?) makes one of the more reasonably priced units that work 
well. If you need to add material it must be of a compatible plastic. It 
will almost always produce a result that is better than glue.
Hope this helps, Ron.

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> >Dear esteemed all,
> >
> >Does anyone know of a glue that will stick the black plastic of the P6 
> >consoles.  I have tried "araldite", contact adhesive, model glue, spit, 
> >etc without good results.
> >
> >Cheers
> >
> >Roger
>Urethane single pack generally works for smallish areas.  I you want to
>stick polyethylene or polypropylene, then you can't, because the polymer
>continues to braek down molecule by molecule so the surface is alwys "wet".
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