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These are also available from Harbor Freight at a much lower price (Sorry). 
They currently have one on sale that looks like a soldering iron with an air 
attachment for 29.99, plastic welding rods (50 pc.) for 4.99. Item numbers 
41592-1YRA and 41602-2YRA. Yes, I get their catalogs regularly.  E-mail is 
Harborfreight.com. Phone 1-800-423-2567


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> greetings all. I fought the inevitable for a number of years but then..I 
> stumbled across a plastic welding gun in an electronics auction. If you 
> have a number of things to repair this is the better way to go if the 
> parts are not available in good used condition. It is an electronics heat 
> gun, basicly a hair dryer on steroids. You will need a focusing tip as 
> well to direct the heat to a small area. If you are careful almost any 
> plastic piece can be repaired. My successes so far have been on the SD1. 
> That includes the front air dam, vinyl replacements in the interior and 
> straightening bent plastic pieces. My failure has included a window 
> switch-it shrunk when I applied heat in my efforts to straighten the 
> retaining clip. It was a clear case of too much heat. A new gun costs 
> about 125-150 Cdn plus a tip for $10-20. You can spend up to 400 easily if 
> you want a more comprehensive unit with infinitely variable heat. I have 
> used both and found very little difference. Steinel (Stienel?) makes one 
> of the more reasonably priced units that work well. If you need to add 
> material it must be of a compatible plastic. It will almost always produce 
> a result that is better than glue.
> Hope this helps, Ron.
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>> >Dear esteemed all,
>> >
>> >Does anyone know of a glue that will stick the black plastic of the P6
>> >consoles.  I have tried "araldite", contact adhesive, model glue, spit,
>> >etc without good results.
>> >
>> >Cheers
>> >
>> >Roger
>>Urethane single pack generally works for smallish areas.  I you want to
>>stick polyethylene or polypropylene, then you can't, because the polymer
>>continues to braek down molecule by molecule so the surface is alwys 
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