[ROVERNET - UK] s500S Power Steering and airconditioning.

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Sat Mar 26 05:14:17 GMT 2005

I have just succeeded in having  new Powersteering hoses made for a Federal
3500s. If anyone needs a set, please contact me offline. We had to reuse 2
ends, which they welded onto new fittings, the center reducer uses a
coupling, so in the future, the hoses could be replaced without replacing
the fittings. I can email photos to anyone who wants to see them.They are a
lovely blue color, by the way.
   Regarding air conditioning. I  have figured out how to fit a Sanyo to the
original brackets, using an L shaped bracket that bolts to the original
3500S  brackets, and a Sanyo adapter brackets. I am also making hoses and
some other AC upgrades for that car.. Contact me offline, if you need a
bracket or any other parts. This system will use 134, of course,I can supply
a similar adapter bracket to put a Sanyo on a 2000TC Factory AC
system.Please contact me jaguru at bellsouth.net, or call me 1954JAGUARS. I
also have a Rover section on my ebay store(Old English Motor Company), and
keep adding rare things on there as I uncover them, in my inventory.I posted
photos of a P5B (Believed factory)AC system there, if anyone wants to know
what one looks like. James Dean
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Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] 3500s brake servo kits available?

Hello all.

Rebuilt my master cylinder this week—many thanks to all who gave advice
on the cause of fluid leaking.

I bled the brakes and did not get much fluid moving from the front
reservoir. (dual system) With left side front and rear closed off, and
right front open, got very little— if any—pedal movement or fluid
bleeding . So I may have a problem with the front caliper, but if I end
up needing to rebuild the servo's cylinder, are any kits available?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Peter King

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