[ROVERNET - UK] 3500s brake servo kits available?

Bill Daddis magnet at roverclub.org
Sat Mar 26 14:27:49 GMT 2005

Hi Peter,

Have you checked the flexible hose on that wheel?  I've had them
swell up internally to the point where they cut off the flow...


Bill D.

On 25 Mar 05, at 22:18, peter king wrote:

> Hello all.
> Rebuilt my master cylinder this week—many thanks to all who gave
> advice on the cause of fluid leaking.
> I bled the brakes and did not get much fluid moving from the front
> reservoir. (dual system) With left side front and rear closed off, and
> right front open, got very little— if any—pedal movement or fluid
> bleeding .
Aurora, Ontario, Canada
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