[ROVERNET - UK] A couple of P4 questions

Katherine Cuba katemike at charter.net
Sat Mar 26 16:06:21 GMT 2005

I am new to the list and I notice that most of the chatter is in regards to 
later models, but I was wondering if anyone could help me with a couple of 
questions regarding a Rover P4.

I need a brake servo for a 1958 105S.  There was none on the this car when I 
got it, which makes for some exciting driving.  I am in the St. Louis area 
of the U.S., so would prefer one in the states, so I don't have to pay a lot 
for shipping.

I was also wondering what type of windscreen washer jets were used.  My 
bonnet just has two nice little holes where I assume they were fitted.  Does 
anyone have a cross reference for jets that might be used on this model?

Thanks in advance and I am really enjoying lurking and reading some of the 


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> Wow, I spoke to Pete about 6 years ago when he wanted
> to sell these cars. Took me 8 years to pare down my
> fleet to 1 P5 Rover. This was for only 1 Austin A40, 2
> MGBs, 1 Magnette, a P4 90, 1 Rover TC and 1 Sunbeam
> Minx. Whew, things move slowly in the British car
> ownership hobby. :-)
> roland
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