[ROVERNET - UK] Clickety Clat

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Sun Mar 27 11:02:29 BST 2005

Hello All.

I just replaced the head on my TC -- Ground valves/new seats etc. and there 
is too much valve clatter.  The tappet clearances are very close to spec, 
with most right-on (within .002 off-spec worst case).  Valve springs are 
good. Oil ways are clear to all cam bearings etc. The car runs great, but 
the noise is getting on my nerves.  I have had valve clearances way off in 
the past and they did not make much noise.  It does not seem like one valve, 
but it is equal amongst all of them.  Anybody have the same problem?  Should 
I ignore it and keep on motoring?

Steve Lawrence 

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