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A correspondent has a Rover/Sterling for sale (Michigan)


Bill D.

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Dear Mr. Daddis We are writing to you because of the Rover Club
mission of keeping fine Rover cars on the road. We have a much 
loved 1990 Sterling which we must let go. We are the second 
owner of this car and have had it since 1992. This car is the 93 
Oxford Edition # 315. The car now  has 111,800 miles on it. It came 
equipped with power everything, a  six CD changer and a built in 
cellular phone. With in the last four years we  have had body work, 
to fix rust over the left rear wheel, and a complete paint job. Also, 
we installed new struts and shocks, new high speed tires and new 
battery. The air conditioning needs leak detection and refill with 
freon. There is some electrical connection problems with the power 
mirrors and drivers seat. If any one is interested in having this car, it 
can be seen and driven in Saline Mich. (about an hour from the 
bridge). I am enclosing a photo of the car 


We are asking $2,500 US. 

Regards Ben Milligan
Benmill at netzero.com 


Aurora, Ontario, Canada
The Toronto Area Rover Club

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