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Geoff Kirkpatrick britcarnut at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 4 00:34:24 GMT 2005

The '51 P4 and the P5 with the rusty hood look like parts cars but the
others don't look half bad.  Agreed, they aren't worth a lot but I think
they would probably fetch between $500 and $1000 each on Ebay.  The
running '64 model 90 would probably do better.  If they can be picked up
for scrap prices they would be worth buying to resell.

Geoff Kirkpatrick
Ben Lomond, CA

> Here's a chance for an instant collection of P4
> Rovers.  You can go from 0 to 4 in short order.  Here
> follows three messages I received from a Rover
> enthusiast plus an auction website.  Enjoy!
> Eric
> *****************************************
> Eric,
> I found you through a search for Rover and am looking
> for some help. I have found a couple of old Rover cars
> that are for sale but have never seen one before and
> know nothing about what they might be worth. The cars
> look to be complete and in fair to good condition and
> might even run but without any idea as to value of
> this type of car I am lost. Can you tell me what an
> average Rover would be worth? The cars in question are
> a 1951, 1959 model 75, 1961 model 80, and a 1964 model
> 90. I know it is hard to put a price on a car without
> seeing it but I am looking more for a high and low
> value on these complete cars. I don't want to walk in
> with blinders on and pay top dollar for a worthless
> car. 
> Thanks,
> Bob  <hoosier at pwrtc.com>
> *****************************************
> Eric,
> I think it might help to let you know I am in the USA 
> Bob
> **********************************
> <after a sad reply from me, Bob writes>
> Eric,
> I am both happy and sad to hear from you. The cars in
> question are very restorable or would be great for
> parts. They were all owned by one person and will be
> up for auction this weekend. 
> I live about 12-15 miles from the cars and thought
> they looked worth saving. I don't know if your group
> can do anything with them but if the parts are worth
> it maybe you can get them. I think all are right hand
> drive and there are 6 cars total and some parts. You
> can see pictures of them at
> http://www.double-dauctions.com/griffith.html to see
> if they are worth anything to your group. I hate to
> see them sell to the scrappers but I feel that is what
> will happen here. Since I live close and have a truck
> to haul cars with I had thought about buying all 6 and
> selling them on ebay if they are worth the effort. If
> not, and if you want I would be willing to help save
> them if you buy them and could store them for a short
> time as long as someone covers my expenses in hauling
> them. (6 trips at 5 miles per gallon)  I don't think
> this guy would have wanted his toys to be cut up for
> scrap. 
> Bob
> **********************************
> Auction site provided:
> <http://www.double-dauctions.com/griffith.html>

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