[ROVERNET - UK] The other P6 heater foam

S Manwell smanwell at sprintmail.com
Fri Nov 4 20:39:57 GMT 2005


You have several good responses focussed on the foam seals on the 
various flaps, but there is another source of crumbly foam flying into 
your face.

I took the heater out of my 2000TC while repainting the upper engine 
bay.  The heater looked fine from above, but it turned out that it was 
completely rusted out on its lower surface.  Originally there was a 
layer of foam sheet below and behind the heater and I believe that this 
foam held water and rusted out the bottom of the heater and threatened 
to do the same to the base unit in this area.

It appears that the foam sheet on the fire wall and under the heater was 
designed to insulate the firewall (heat and sound?) and to form a gasket 
between the heater and the air duct opennings in the base unit.  Since 
this old foam crumbles at the slightest provocation on the P6's I have 
seen, I would guess that the foam no longer insulates or seals well on 
any P6.  P6 owners often complain that there seems to be a lot of engine 
noise or engine smells getting into the cabin, and I suspect this 
crumbly foam may be to blame.

I used a sheet of half inch thick closed cell foam with opennings cut 
out for the ducts, but I think that 1/2" foam strips could be used just 
for the seals between the heater and the firewall and other insulation 
or sound damping materials could be applied to the rest of the 
firewall.  I think it is well worth the time to remove the heater and 
check for these problems on any P6 that has spent any time out in the 

--Steve Manwell
Melrose, MA

Mark Brown wrote:

>Hey all,
>Does anyone have any idea what the foam strip(s?) in the P6 heater is for?  I
>see one in the intake area, but I suspect there may be others.  All mine seem
>to be effective at doing (and doing well) is collecting moisture and getting
>caught in the fan and processing themselves into my face!
>Any purpose?
>Mark Brown
>mbrown at automotiveforums.com
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