[ROVERNET - UK] Diff ratio check

Alan Gale agale at iinet.net.au
Thu Nov 24 08:54:57 GMT 2005

I want a simple check to find out the diff ratio on my Rover 10.
Is it as easy as jacking up the rear end, turning the drive shaft and 
counting the revolutions needed to turn a wheel once?
This sounds **way** too straightforward.

Project update:
Engine finished and is a beautiful thing, (in the process discovered she 
had been bored out to Rover 10 specs) and now awaiting reunion with the 
gearbox and other relevant parts. 
Now where did I put that bottle of nuts?
All chromework and the parcel rack reassembled and fitted.
New windows and seals done, including windscreen (real bugger of a job); 
much bodywork rusting given the wirebrush, rustconverter, paint and 
fishoil treatment, new rear mudguard just about finished, rear badge 
re-enamelled (a wonderful sight).
With luck and time she should be ready by mid-January and hopefully have 
a run at the first RCCA event (assuming she passes roadworthy and is not 
faulted on a technicality).

Alan Gale

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