[ROVERNET - UK] Diff ratio check

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Thu Nov 24 09:09:46 GMT 2005

If ratio is 4.0:1, then you would get 2 turns if only 1 rear wheel is jacked 
If both wheels are jacked, you would get 4.


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>I want a simple check to find out the diff ratio on my Rover 10.
> Is it as easy as jacking up the rear end, turning the drive shaft and 
> counting the revolutions needed to turn a wheel once?
> This sounds **way** too straightforward.
> Project update:
> Engine finished and is a beautiful thing, (in the process discovered she 
> had been bored out to Rover 10 specs) and now awaiting reunion with the 
> gearbox and other relevant parts. Now where did I put that bottle of nuts?
> All chromework and the parcel rack reassembled and fitted.
> New windows and seals done, including windscreen (real bugger of a job); 
> much bodywork rusting given the wirebrush, rustconverter, paint and 
> fishoil treatment, new rear mudguard just about finished, rear badge 
> re-enamelled (a wonderful sight).
> With luck and time she should be ready by mid-January and hopefully have a 
> run at the first RCCA event (assuming she passes roadworthy and is not 
> faulted on a technicality).
> Alan Gale
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