[ROVERNET - UK] 2000 TC rattle

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 11 16:54:15 BST 2005

The noise you describe sounds like the timing chain. I
don't know what version of upper timing chain
tensioner you have but the original version was
adjustable with an Allen key. The tensioner was
installed with the pad close to the body.  When the
tensioner was correctly in position, one inserted the
Allen key and turned it to release the pad to push
toward the chain when needed.  One cause of rattle was
that the installer forgot to turn the Allen key
adjustment so the pad was retained against the body of
the tensioner.  If that is your case, you could expect
an improvement by turning the Allen key adjustment.

The later tensioners are often those used on other
vehicles (MGB I think) and had no adjustment.  A
person tied the pad with some thread and cut the
thread after everything was in place.

Access to the upper tensioner is through the large
aluminum plug opposite the tensioner.  However, with
time and heat, the rubber sealing ring becomes hard. 
When a person tries to pry out the aluminum plug, the
lips of the plug usually get snapped off.  On
occasion, I have used a propane torch to destroy the
rubber ring providing you can get a new replacement to
refit the plug, later.

The worst case scenario is the need to remove the head
to replace the upper chain with a new one.  Ruth at
All British Cars can help you source a new chain.  I
don't know if she has OEM tensioners or not.

--- fjcumberland at sc.rr.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> Sort of a "newbie" question here.  My '71 2000 TC,
> which has about 6K
> miles on the engine (my best guess) has developed a
> metallic rattling
> noise that appears to be in the vicinity of the
> timing chain (as much as
> one can tell from where engine noises come . . . .).
>  The rattle is most
> noticable at idle, but as far as I can tell it goes
> away at speed or
> under load.  The car needs a tune-up - it has a
> rough idle and seems to
> have a miss when I drive with foot off the
> accelerator.  It's also
> running rich.  Is it worth my checking at least the
> upper tensioner?  Is
> it possible to tighten the tensioner, or must I
> replace it?
> Also - am hoping one day soon to replace the deDion
> boot using Alan's
> method - will report back on results.  It sounds a
> lot easier than
> yanking the entire rear end . . .
> Thanks in advance for any help!
> Cheers,
> Jim
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