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Well done
gerald NZ
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Hey Roverphiles,

Just signed up to the Rovernet a few days ago and figured I should introduce
myself.  I already recognize one or two names here, and I figure there may 
be a
few others on this list with whom I've talked before.

Anyways, my name is Mark Brown - I'm from New Brunswick in Canada and have 
held an unexplained interest in Rovers.  However, as Rovers are few and far
between in Canada, I'd only seen three in the country before this year, 
which I
have so far spent in Sydney in Australia for a year of university.  I've 
taken a
very active interest in the local Rover Owner's club, and am currently 
driving a
1970 (Series I) P6B.

At the end of this year, I'll be returning to Canada with an unplanned 
future -
however, whatever I do, I'm looking forward to taking a much more proactive
role in the Rover world, especially that in eastern Canada.

I have a tendency to take a lot of photos - Rovernet members can feel free 
browse my galleries, most of which involve Rovers here in Sydney, on my site 

Anyways, that's me - not sure how many members the Rovernet has, but I look
forward to talking with you all in the future!

Mark Brown

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