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Trevor Colebrook TrevorColebrook at compuserve.com
Fri Oct 28 14:12:58 BST 2005

Members who have access to the BBC4 digital TV channel may be interested to
note the show scheduled for 21:05 pm on Sunday 30 October.

Programme details as shown on the BBC web site are as follows:

Rover, the Long Goodbye: Time Shift

During its heyday, the Rover brand stood for prestige in the motoring
world, and the company with a string of successful models was envied by
manufacturers around the globe. But the last two decades has seen a gradual
slump, culminating in the sale of the firm by BMW for a nominal £10, and
then the closure of Longbridge as a mass manufacturing site.

Motoring nostalgists will delight in re-living classic cars such as the P5
and the P6 of the 1950s and 1960s respectively, before the British Leyland
era and joint ventures with other firms. 

Contributors remembering the classics and the clangers include Quentin
Willson, Zog Zeigler, Jonathan Glancey and Stephen Bayley.

Narrated by Geoffrey Palmer.
   Sun 30 Oct, 21:05 - 21:45  40mins  Stereo  Widescreen   

Remember to adjust the clock on your recorder!

regards TC

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