[ROVERNET - UK] Core Restore

John Couch jackjohn3 at comcast.net
Sun Oct 30 04:12:14 GMT 2005


I have used a product before to help clear the cooling system of crud called Core Restore.  It is available from a company here in Detroit named PTI (Plating Technologies, inc).  Their phone number is 586 978-1825.  Its about $5 a pint and can take up to 4 pints for full effectiveness according to the instructions.  To use the product you have to drain and flush the cooling system, refill with water and the product, let run for a 1/2 hour, drain and refill with coolant.  The one car I have used it on has not overheated since trying it.  I recently posted about the heat in my 3500S and I should probably motivate and back flush the coolant system and try the product this week see what the results are.

John Couch
Detroit, MI

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