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Is this Harold  the German? or a different unsavory Harold? Being in the 
Classic Car Business for 30 years in Ft Lauderdale, I have seen hundreds 
of"specialists" of all shades come and go. Worst of all was William Von Hove 
of Exclusive Impex.I think he went through 3 corporate identities without 
leaving town. In 1989, his company bought the back page ads of Thoroughbred 
and Classic Cars.so, you can't judge by appearance.Contact me offline and 
I'll tell if It's anyone I have heard of.   jaguru at bellsouth.net   Now I 
have an SD1 question, for the group... One of my parts customers has a well 
maintained  5 Speed SD-1 he has owned for many years. He runs ATF in the 
gearbox, and has had no problems. He has tried the recommended oil, but 
prefers ATF, says it shifts much better. He suddenly has a noise in first, 
second, third, but not 4th and 5th. It sounds like it is coming from the 
gearbox, he says. When he jacks the car up and runs it, the noise goes away. 
Any ideas?. If it is a gearbox, I have a good TR7 gearbox. I have been told 
Rover used heavier bearings. An owner of a Tr shop told me he had a TR7 with 
a superpowerful TR8 engine, drives it hard, and has had no problem for 
years. He says yes, the bearings were changed, but it made no difference. 
What is the real answer?I know Vitesse SD-1's had hardened gears, but do not 
think regular SD-1 had that. Also, is this the same Getrag 5 speed Jaguar 
used on the 80-87 Series III XJ6 5 speed? The box looks almost the same, 
except the shifter. James Dean, Ft.Lauderdale.
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> No, he's not a Brit.  He goes by various names - Kevin Hubbard or Harold
> Willis, though I learned from the Boca Raton (Florida) Police Dept. that
> his actual name is Harold Hubbard.  When I called them to file complaints
> about the guy, they already knew exactly who he was.  I know that right
> now he has the Florida DMV and perhaps the state attorney's office after
> him on other cases, so I'm hopeful he will be off the streets soon.  I
> ended up filing a claim with Ebay's fraud insurance company and reaching a
> settlement with them, then reselling the car (with full disclosure of all
> its problems) for a little over half what I paid for it.  I'll still end
> up a few thousand dollars in the hole after it all.
>> What was the name of this guy Geoff? It sounds like the fine fellow I
>> bought
>> a 1968 MG Midget from. Was he a Brit?
>> Slats
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>> >I guess I must be sitting on a bloody fortune, with three of the 99
>> > existing Rover P4's in the world!  :-)
>> >
>> > I'm the lucky new owner of Alan's car, by the way.  I'm having a great
>> > time with it.  I'm planning to take it to the Palo Alto All-British
>> show
>> > on the 11th.
>> >
>> > This auctioneer sounds like he's straight out of a Lovejoy novel.  I
>> do
>> > feel sorry for the car's buyer; it sounds like he has perhaps a $5K
>> car at
>> > best, not a $13K one, and it really was sold under false pretenses.
>> > Having recently been taken by a Florida crook from whom I bought a
>> > Mercedes 600SEC that turned out to be little better than a parts car,
>> I
>> > don't find con artists amusing except in fiction!
>> >
>> > Geoff Kirkpatrick
>> >
>> >
>> >>
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