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Sands sands2005 at home00.eclipse.co.uk
Sun Sep 11 20:21:45 BST 2005

G'day Dave!
                    Now is it Gawler you live in, or was that someone 
else on Rovernet? I used to live in Evanston Park, the new (then) estate 
near trinity College. I drove an SD1 Van Den Plas 3500..... having 
resurfaced here in Britain I now have an 820 Vitesse....very much like 
the SD1 in general bodyshape, but with a 2l turbo engine.

The Rego dept in SA was always a bit draconian.....but.....what if you 
had a 1948 chevy (or whatever) and it had been modded or rodded back in 
the late 60s..... the mods would be over 25 years old and any 
restoration work would be to the mods??? I wonder how you'd get on then.

Mike    Vitesse   Norwich  .... formerly  Van Den Plas 3500  Gawler.

Dave Read wrote:

> Peter
> There has been a bit of a bun fight over this here as many of the 
> American marque clubs (Chev, Ford, Pontiac etc) have been trying to 
> push their "rods" for Historic Rego and been knocked back.
> They say "it's ok in Victoria". Rego office replies ... "then register 
> and drive it in Victoria"
> ;-)
> > That's much more severe than here in Victoria. Under the
> > VicRoads CH (Classic & Historic) scheme the age is 25 years
> > and the car does not have to be original. By and large all
> > that is necessary is a current certificate of road worthiness
> > or a letter from a scrutineer from an authorised car club,
> > stating that the vehicle is safe for use on the road.
> What concessions are there on the cost of registration?
> Cheers
> Dave
> South Oz
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