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Sands sands2005 at home00.eclipse.co.uk
Mon Sep 12 20:50:01 BST 2005

G'day Dave!
                    Sorry to hear about your SD1 it is so hard to keep 
them on the road. Even here in Britain there are very few SD1s on the 
road. The 800 series which has a similar body style (but alas front 
wheel drive) still has a big following on account for their cheapness 
(My 820 Vitesse new cost 26500K sterling and I bought it early in 2002 
for 2200. I could buy it now for between 500 and about 1200 depending on 
condition). The sad thing is many owners get more by wrecking their cars 
and selling it bit by bit than selling it as a going concern.
    I'd heard  that Gawler was changing a lot. The new Woollies has 
stimulated a lot of change. Also that the top end of Murray St around 
Coles is up for a major revamp.
   I sold my Rover to the guy who owns the tractor and farm machinery 
place out along Lyndoch Rd towards Sandy Creek. I don't suppose he still 
has it. He managed to shoehorn a 3500 motor into an old MG TC (front 
leaf springs on the suspension). It featured in the Jan 2001 edition of 
MG World magazine.
    I take it that RKV 434 is your P6?

    Hope you are keeping well......I was fine till Pieterson (South 
African) dug England out of a hole in their second innings in the  last 
test......black armbands at work tomorrow amid the joyous celebration.

Mike Sands       Vitesse     Norwich

Dave Read wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> Thought I saw your name pop up earlier this month ...
> Yeah ... still in Gawler. You wouldn't recognise the place .... going 
> too townlike for me.
> The SD1 is unregistered and unloved at present. Needs restoration or 
> becomes a parts car.
> http://members.ozemail.com.au/~defender110/mypage/rover_sedan_pages.htm
> Still deciding whether to make the P6B historic or implant the SD1's 
> 4.6L and drivetrain. At least the P6 has potentially a better braking 
> system than the SD1!
> If I go 100% LPG I could sell off the Haltech and the rest of the fuel 
> system. Trouble is, the Oz govt is introducing an "excise" on LPG 
> shortly. Who knows how much the price will jump.
> I also understand the GM180 is too fat to fit in the P6B's tunnel <gloom>
> > The Rego dept in SA was always a bit draconian.....
> > but..... what if you had a 1948 chevy (or whatever) and
> > it had been modded or rodded back in the late 60s.....
> > the mods would be over 25 years old and any restoration
> > work would be to the mods??? I wonder how you'd get on then.
> Original means just that unfortunately.
> I am a member of the Landrover Register ( http://www.lrregsa.org.au ) 
> and members have had to rip Holden motors and transmission from early 
> converted Series vehicles and refit the original 4cyl's to get historic.
> Admittedly, Holden conversions, although popular, are considered 
> sacriledge by most club members. ;-)
> Good to hear from you again.
> PSST. How we doin' in the cricket? <hopeful look>
> The Adelaide Crows beat Port Power by 83 points Sat nite.
> Knocked them out of the finals.
> Cheers
> Dave
> South Oz
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