[ROVERNET - UK] New to classic car ownership in the US- Help!

Steven Dibdin sdibdin at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 13 01:14:14 BST 2005

Hi All,

After a period of nine years with classic car ownership I'm stepping back 
into the fold. Problem is last time I lived in England (my home). So 
although we have a 'modern' car I'm trying to get the hang of classic car 
insurance over here. In the UK I could it at an agreed yearly mileage and 
value as long as it was kept off the road when parked at my home address. 
Here I live in Brooklyn NY, I am renting a garage and we will keep out other 
car as our primery vehicle. I have tried the on-line quote with Grundy but 
when the paper application came through there was a clause about only using 
the car for parades, car shows and events of public interest! I'd still like 
to enjoy driving the car without finding a car show in the area that I would 
have to attend!

Does anybody have any suggestions or recommendations to share?

Many thanks,

Steven Dibdin.

1968 2000 TC 

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