[ROVERNET - UK] Portland Oregon All British Field Meet

Brian & Lori Nordlund ble.nordlund at verizon.net
Thu Sep 15 06:07:58 BST 2005

After having my Rover activities in hibernation for a few years, I decided
to use this year's Portland field meet as inspiration to get my P6 back on
the road.  After a few weeks of furious preparation, I was able to make the
18 mile drive from my house to the field meet, with some degree of
confidence that I would make it there.  In fact, I made it there and back
home for both days of the event and had a blast.

I was only one of three Rover cars at the event, out of over 650 British
cars in attendance.  In fact, the organizers of the event didn't expect too
many Rovers, so they had placed us in the "other" category.  However, having
three cars exceeded their expectations, so they assured me that if we showed
up next year, they would give us our own "Rover Car" category.

I would surely love to see you folks from British Columbia make it down next
year.  It is always over our Labor Day weekend holiday.  Although you don't
have the three day weekend like we do, Saturday is the main day for display
of cars and Sunday is simply a swap meet.  As a result, many people from
outside the area simply arrive on Saturday mid morning, then leave Saturday
night or Sunday morning to make it home.

I took several pictures, including those of the three Rovers: My 1969 TC,
another local P6 (both his and mine happen to be April Yellow, but mine is
on the right), and of a local SD1.  If you are interested, here are some of
the pictures (there are 5 pages of thumbnails that you can click on for a
larger view, or you can run a slideshow):


If you look closely, you will find the RACING P6, which came down from the
Seattle area.  In fact the field meet is held at the Portland International
Raceway (PIR) and there was vintage racing all weekend, which really added
to the fun.

If you are interested in attending the event next year, you might check
their web page periodically for details:


In any case, I am glad to be back in saddle, as far as my P6 is concerned,
and I am looking forward to next year's Portland ABFM.

Brian Nordlund
Beaverton, Oregon

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