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greetings, by the way. I just ordered a float for a friends Morris with an 
HS carb. The part I got would fit my TC HD8's but not the HS6. You could try 
Royze if you are not in the US. If you are located in the US you will have 
to order through a dealer. They can refer you to the right source. The site 
is www.royze.com and check under Fuel Systems. The good news is that both 
floats are definately still available.

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>HD6s and HD8s are the same as each other (a brass float with a central 
>hole), but they are quiet different from HS6s and HS8s. Almost all of the 
>HS types have a plastic float which is roound but tapered. However, I think 
>it is only the HS8 carbs for the 2000TC which have instead a brass float 
>with no central hole. I have not been able to get  these for years, and 
>that it why it may be necessary to replace the lid with one from another HS 
>type with a plastic float, but it has to have the correct layoout on the 
>Pierre Janusz
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