[ROVERNET - UK] 1953 Rover P4 starter motor

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Sat Sep 24 19:14:33 BST 2005

Dear Dirk,

The starter motors on all P3s and all 1950- 1953 P4s are the same, and are also the same as on early Landrovers.

I seem to remember that when I visited Glen Wilson and went through most of his parts he did have an early starter motor (recognisable by the bullet shape it has), so perhaps Steve Manwell has one amongst the parts he bought from Glen. 

Is it the pinion which has broken or the rubber/metal drive coupling? In the parts catalogue there is no picture of the pinion at all ( and it is called the Bendix drive); the coupling is shown however.

I have the coupling available if that is what is needed, but I don't know if it is possible to get the Bendix drive. I also have a new starter motor, but carriage from the UK will be prohibitively expensive I would think.


Pierre Janusz

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