[ROVERNET - UK] 1953 Rover P4 starter motor

Mike Maher michael.maher at virgin.net
Mon Sep 26 20:45:25 BST 2005

Dirk and Steve,

 The early P4 parts list and P3 parts list both list Rover part number
231947 as the starter motor.

hope this helps

Mike Maher

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> Dirk,
> I believe that most of my P4 parts collection from Glen Wilson is for
> 1954 to 1959 75/90/105 cars.   I don't have a parts book covering the
> early 75, but have some Lucas books that have some information that
> might help:   One book lists the starter for both the Rover 75 saloon
> and the series 1 Land Rover as Lucas part number 25514B.  Another Lucas
> book says that part number applies to Rover 75 for 1949 - 1953 (I assume
> that means all early P4's, maybe P3 too?).
> If the '53 starter is the same as for Series 1 Land Rover, then Dermot
> Harvey might be able to help -- he has restored a Series 1 recently and
> probably knows of other Series 1 parts.
> Also, I would think there is a good chance that the starter on your P3
> would be the same, maybe you could use that temporarily on the P4?  Can
> anyone confirm a part number for the P3 starter?
> RSTCA member Nelson O'Riley in San Diego has two early 75's -- maybe he
> has a spare starter.  I'll send you his phone numbers off line.
> --Steve
> Dirk wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >Well I have done it again I purchased a P4 75 1953 in California. It is a
> >nice car and it was sold to me for about half of what it will cost to
> >it from California to Mass.
> >One problem though the starter motor has a broken pinion gear and I need
> >new starter. The car starts and runs with the crank but both the current
> >owner and the transport company is concerned that the driver of the truck
> >will have trouble. Unfortunately to keep the cost down for shipping I
> >to have the car sent to a depot in the south and then loaded on a
> >truck to come up to Mass that's where the problem will occur. If anyone
> >a starter that they are willing to sell me that will fit and works the
> >current owner of the car has offered to change it for me.
> >I can pay by a direct wire transfer to your account and you can use my
> >number to ship it directly to CA for me.
> >
> >If anyone cares to call me my cell is 978-502-2289
> >
> >Thanks
> >Dirk
> >
> >
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