[ROVERNET - UK] P5 DG transmission

Anthony LaVigna alavigna at verizon.net
Thu Apr 6 18:51:18 BST 2006

I have a LHD '64 P5 MkII saloon with the DG automatic transmission. I am
looking for some help.

The previous owner of my car broke the mounting bracket for the gear
selector cross-shaft lever by running over some object. This lever is
mounted under the car to the left of the transmission through two bolts into
the drain pan (sump) and one bolt to the body. The broken bracket was
repaired by welding a piece of plate steel as a fix. It is clear from to me
that the repair job was not careful and that the resulting bracket does not
resemble the original and is probably misaligned.

I am currently having trouble getting the car to shift smoothly so that the
column indicator lines up with the actual gear. I suspect that the repair
has misaligned the lever and linkages changing the overall geometry.
Unfortunately, the gear shift linkages on the LHD cars were completely
different than from the RHD cars and the manual is light on LHD information.

In looking at the "fix", I noticed that the cross-shaft lever is mounted
skewed. I also think that the lever itself might be bent. The problem is I
do not have another car to look at to determine whether what I am seeing is
normal or not.

Does anyone have a LHD P5 MKII saloon with DG transmission that might be
able to look at the lever and describe their setup? The lever is mounted on
the left side of the transmission about midway and can be seen without
jacking up the car. Better yet, would anyone be able to send or post some
pictures of their bracket?

Alternatively, has anyone removed their DG transmission, linkages, and
mounting brackets and might have the lever and mounting bracket laying
around and might want to sell them?



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