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Drew Egginton drew at pitstop.net.au
Fri Apr 7 11:52:39 BST 2006

Hi Stephen

Congrats! What you have done so far looks good. Can you add the Western 
Australian Rover Owners' Club website to your clubs listing?



Andrew Egginton
Membership Secretary/Vehicle Registrar

Stephen JC Beer wrote:

> Hello all.
> I am finally making some progress on the update / revise of the RSTCA 
> website.
> My hat is off to Glen WIlson for all the effort and time he must have 
> put in on the first go around.
> Seeing Glen's posting on the original site of a Service Manual 
> Supplement got me thinking. If we could provide a database of 
> copyright-free older manuals we would be doing the worldwide Rover 
> community a good service. The moment any new Citroen DS owner joins 
> their list they are immediately directed to the vast database of FREE 
> downloadable parts manuals, service manuals, bulletins, etc. for the 
> various DS models. These people will even burn it all onto a disc for 
> you if you pay for postage. These files are invaluable.
> I think for the greater Rover good we should do this -- but it is a 
> large undertaking and I could not do it alone. I can host this stuff 
> on my server and put it together into a clean, easily accessible 
> format -- but if someone knows of a way to digitally scan many pages 
> at a time, the job might be feasible. I can then convert these scans 
> to downloadable PDF files which could be accessed from the site. I 
> have the factory Rover 2000 Service Manual, an Owner's Manual, and P2 
> books (which may have copyright issues that would need sorting as I 
> had to purchase them from an official Rover Club). This stuff should 
> be free, dagburnit!  Its tough enough to keep these lovely cars 
> running. ;-)
> The work in progress...
> http://beerinc.com/rstca
> Cheers,
> Stephen Beer
> Milan, NY
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