[ROVERNET - UK] USA Rover Club Website

Stephen JC Beer stephen at beerinc.com
Fri Apr 7 15:23:58 BST 2006

I still need to do quite a bit of work on organizing the links page, 

Thanks for all the feedback on the site and please forward to me any 
links or suggestions you may have.

When I get a moment I will also take Steve Manwell's suggestion and 
turn the home page image into a FLASH file that will beep (or make one 
of those Monty Python noises ;-)) when you click the middle of the 
steering wheel. The various Rover models will fade in and fade our out 
in the lower right corner as well. I am searching through my database 
of photos to find right side shots of: p3/p4/p5/p6/SD1 for this 
purpose. Stay tuned.

Be seeing you
Number 6

On Apr 7, 2006, at 5:52 AM, Drew Egginton wrote:

> Hi Stephen
> Congrats! What you have done so far looks good. Can you add the 
> Western Australian Rover Owners' Club website to your clubs listing?
> http://www.waroc.org.au
> Thanks
> Andrew Egginton
> Membership Secretary/Vehicle Registrar
> Stephen JC Beer wrote:

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