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The lever that I am interested in is attached to the car and not the
transmission but I am interested in that DG transmissions that you have. Can
you look at the name plate and see the exact model, including any ending
letters? My transmission is a DG150M. I think that Jaguar used the DG
transmissions for a long period of time and could have used any of DG150,
DG150M, DG200, DG200M, DG250 and DG250M. The "M" is important because it
uses a different valve assembly. Do you have any transmissions with the
model ending in "M"?



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I have about a half dozen DG 250 automatic transmissions, all from Jaguar. I
assume it is the same transmission as Rover. Studebaker also used them. Mine
were fitted with the speed hold. Contact me if you need anyhing; and in case
of the lever I can email photos. James Dean, Ft Lauderdale. 
jaguru at bellsouth.net  or phone 1954JAGUARS. I ship worldwide
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>I have a LHD '64 P5 MkII saloon with the DG automatic transmission. I 
>am  looking for some help.
> The previous owner of my car broke the mounting bracket for the gear 
> selector cross-shaft lever by running over some object. This lever is 
> mounted under the car to the left of the transmission through two 
> bolts into the drain pan (sump) and one bolt to the body. The broken 
> bracket was repaired by welding a piece of plate steel as a fix. It is 
> clear from to me that the repair job was not careful and that the 
> resulting bracket does not resemble the original and is probably 
> misaligned.
> I am currently having trouble getting the car to shift smoothly so 
> that the column indicator lines up with the actual gear. I suspect 
> that the repair has misaligned the lever and linkages changing the 
> overall geometry.
> Unfortunately, the gear shift linkages on the LHD cars were completely 
> different than from the RHD cars and the manual is light on LHD 
> information.
> In looking at the "fix", I noticed that the cross-shaft lever is 
> mounted skewed. I also think that the lever itself might be bent. The 
> problem is I do not have another car to look at to determine whether 
> what I am seeing is normal or not.
> Does anyone have a LHD P5 MKII saloon with DG transmission that might 
> be able to look at the lever and describe their setup? The lever is 
> mounted on the left side of the transmission about midway and can be 
> seen without jacking up the car. Better yet, would anyone be able to 
> send or post some pictures of their bracket?
> Alternatively, has anyone removed their DG transmission, linkages, and 
> mounting brackets and might have the lever and mounting bracket laying 
> around and might want to sell them?
> Thanks,
> Tony
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