[ROVERNET - UK] Gentlemen start rebuilding your engines

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Mon Apr 17 01:00:49 BST 2006

Fellow Roverites,
Let me share my thoughts on the meeting proposed for Spring/Summer 2007.

Let us ask ourselves what purpose the meeting will serve.
Do we want to see old friends and swap Rover stories?  Yes!  Some of you 
  I have never met and would like to meet.  I have travelled to many 
corners of the world looking up Rover folk and will continue to do so, 
but that is slow and expensive.  Selfishly, I would like to see more 
people and cars at once.

Do we wish to recruit new Rover fans?  Yes.  Only a large event will 
garner national and worldwide publicity.  There are many Rovers sitting 
unloved and many gearheads who would love something of quality and 
character in which to invest their time and money.  But there is little 
to engauge these folk unless they come across a car and start asking 
questions.  A high profile event just might garner additional interest 
in the marque.

Do we wish to encourage restoration and preservation of Rovers? Yes. 
Networking is our lifeblood.  Helping and encouraging one another ought 
to be at the top of our agenda.  In spite of my "shotgun" approach to 
restorations (how many half-finished projects do you have?), I intend to 
have SOMETHING finished or at leat driveable.  A really big show is 
encouragement of the first order.  Show and tell pulls 'em in folks.  I 
get as much pleasure at seeing the "works in progress" as I do the 
gleaming trailer queens.

On the subject of encouragement, I think the meet out to offer a large 
number of seminars, both of general interest (Overhauling and tuning 
SU's, Lucas electrics) and special interest (Doing the rear brakes on a 
P6, Overhaul of an LT77).  My knowledge is limited, but I am willing to 
share, which is the essence of a seminar.

I feel, personally, that our event should "piggyback" on a well 
established regional event, such as Harkness, for two reasons.  First, I 
like most British cars and enjoy the related makes, Triumph, MG, TVR, 
Morgan, Marcos and Alvis. A large British meet would add to the fun. 
But secondly, and more important, a large turnout of Rovers at a 
regional meet can generate crossover support, recognition and referral. 
  The more people who know we are out there the better.  It creates good 
will withs event sponsors and organizers as well.

Some careful attention needs to be given to fluff...tours, sight seeing, 
shopping, banquets,(dance, anyone?).  We need to know who will be coming 
with whom.  Rover fanatics don't need anything but Rovers, but our 
spouses, significant others and extended families should be considered. 
Ask these people what they would enjoy and try to provide it.

Dirk has the skills and connections to make this happen and he has 
enough cars to make a trip interesting, but this has to be a TEAM effort 
if it is to succeed....beginning right now.  Your response doesn't have 
to be complete, but you do need to speak your mind.

Kent K.

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