[ROVERNET - UK] SPAM on Rovernet?

JOHN john.at.hulverstone at btinternet.com
Mon Apr 17 15:49:08 BST 2006

--- Glen Wilson <glenwilson at cavtel.net> wrote:

> Has anyone else on Rovernet received SPAM from a
> company advertising
> "penny" stock offerings, or am I getting it from
> somewhere else. It is
> addressed to someone other than me but to my email
> address. It looks
> like one originated in Germany concerning a Canadian
> waste removal firm,
> and I think the other came from a firm in Denmark
> that deals in
> software.
> I normally receive no spam at all and wondered if it
> was just me or the
> whole list.  
> Thanks
> Glen
> Hi Glen,
Not getting it here, the only spam I ever got on this
list was some muslim chap trying to put his point
across but this is not the venue for such postings.

Best wishes

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