[ROVERNET - UK] de dion oil seal

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Thu Apr 20 23:35:12 BST 2006

They have 2.
The gaiter end one should have a spot right on the end of the outer tube.
Digital photograph perhaps?


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i've taken apart the de dion tube to change the gaitor and the seals but 
find only one seal on the non gaitor end...........is this correct 
.........i look in the book and it calls for 2  but the gaitor end doesn't 
have a space for one.........only the brass sleeve and a flat 
cover........unlike the cupped cover on the other end...............the 
brass sleeve seems to have room for a seal inside the tube but the seals i 
have are too big for this ......only fit the offside

Bill Robertson

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