[ROVERNET - UK] Engine removal

Lance La Certe lacpsyd at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 21 04:27:05 BST 2006

Hi all,

We'll I'm about to take the plunge and rebuild the tired old motor on my
'70 3500S.  Actually I'm going to have someone else rebuild it, but decided
to save a lot of money and remove and reinstall it myself.   I would
appreciate helpful tips from many of the Rovernetters who have infinitely
more wisdom and experience than I.   I have a fair amount of mechanical
skill, but not necessarily experience-----READ----I've never pulled an
engine (but have rebuilt the master cylinder/brake servo, the de Dion tube,
and the carbs)......so................

1) Since the transmission has been rebuilt, is it advisable to place a jack
under it and unbolt the engine to remove it, or is it easier to pull the
engine and tranny and then separate them for the engine rebuild?

2) How much 'stuff' should I remove, before pulling the engine (e.g.,
obviously the bonnet, I'm assuming the radiator.....but what about any
other bits.......I do have the complete shop manuals and will be studying
them, but often advice on the Rovernet is much more precise).

Any help in advance would be appreciated.

Lance La Certe, Denver, CO
lacpsyd at earthlink.net

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