[ROVERNET - UK] Transmission fluid/PAS fluid

Anthony LaVigna alavigna at verizon.net
Sat Apr 22 15:35:45 BST 2006


I had the same question about transmission fluid for my P5 with the DG
transmission. I read several threads on the Rover P5 UK site and they said
use "type F". As you probably know, the DG transmission was first used in
the United States by Studebaker. Since there is an incredible Studebaker
following in the US I decided to check Studebaker websites and found that
they recommended Dextron transmission fluid. Finally, I discovered that
"type A" fluid was originally used in GM transmissions and that GM moved to
Dextron so I decided to use Dextron.

I decided to use power steering fluid in the PAS since power steering fluids
have leak preventatives that are not available in automatic transmission

Hope this helps.


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