[ROVERNET - UK] Transmission fluid/PAS fluid

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
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I have a question on DG250 transmissions. I have just posted  a DG250 
transmission for sale, with photos,  on my ebay store(Old English Motor 
Company), ebay item #4552481001. It is from a Jaguar MKIX, but I wonder 
whether it will fit Rover and Studebaker. Could someone knowledgeable on 
DG250 take a look, and tell me? I would like to describe it correctly, and 
if it fits a Rover, perhaps also  put it in the Rover section of my ebay 
store. You may contact me at jaguru at bellsouth.net  or call me tollfree in 
the US at 1 877 524 8787.Thank you, James Dean, Ft. Lauderdale.
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> Dirk,
> I had the same question about transmission fluid for my P5 with the DG
> transmission. I read several threads on the Rover P5 UK site and they said
> use "type F". As you probably know, the DG transmission was first used in
> the United States by Studebaker. Since there is an incredible Studebaker
> following in the US I decided to check Studebaker websites and found that
> they recommended Dextron transmission fluid. Finally, I discovered that
> "type A" fluid was originally used in GM transmissions and that GM moved 
> to
> Dextron so I decided to use Dextron.
> I decided to use power steering fluid in the PAS since power steering 
> fluids
> have leak preventatives that are not available in automatic transmission
> fluids.
> Hope this helps.
> Tony
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