[ROVERNET - UK] Was OT- Off topic now digest netiquette

lingfield51 at tiscali.co.uk lingfield51 at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Apr 26 08:05:55 BST 2006

To coin a phrase, " If it aint broke........" This forum has been up and
running long enough to prove that it is doing just fine so why mess with
it? yes we've all had our ups and downs, and I've had my fair share of 'upsetting'
people but I'm still here and so are (most) of the people I upset. I think
Rovernet should be left as is and whilst I also use the P6 Owners Club forum
sometimes is nice to have the comments come to me without having to log on
and off and switch from one part of the forum to another. This way I get
the lot, warts an all! :)
So I am for leaving it (and Eric) alone.


Alan Francis (partviking)


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