[ROVERNET - UK] OT: Rovernet Questions

Stephen JC Beer stephen at beerinc.com
Wed Apr 26 15:24:33 BST 2006

Fellow Rovernetters,

I do hope it was not my OFF LIST question regarding Rovernet UK and 
Rovernet that has precipitated any of this.

Several years ago there was a disagreement about the ways to deal with 
off-topic rantings. As an off-topic ranter, I understand it is the list 
moderator's prerogative to do as he pleases -- and Rovernet is a good 
list. I remain subscribed and informed. I work on and drive my two 
Rover saloons, but usually remain in lurk mode as I find I have more to 
learn than to contribute.

The RSTCA web site I am working on is certainly a time-consuming labour 
of love that I am honored to have been asked to do. If free hosting the 
site at my beerinc.com server is a problem for anyone (perhaps a bit of 
self-promotion is implied in the domain beerinc.com). I would be 
delighted to post the site to any other server. The more Rover 
promoting stuff out there the better. I am sorry it is not yet finished 
-- but it is presentable and useable in a bare-bones state (needs more 
proofing) and I am working on it slowly but steadily. I would encourage 
any suggestions as to new or updated links, images, stories, etc. This 
website is in no way meant to compete with or undermine Rovernet. It is 
a website, not a forum.

Dirk, your Rover celebration sounds like great fun! It almost sounds as 
if 2007 is too far off. As you and I have discussed, I would be really 
fine with passing the torch to you for the late summer gathering if you 
wanted to make it this year.

Stephen Beer
Milan, NY

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