[ROVERNET - UK] Wheels

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Tue Aug 1 02:37:09 BST 2006


If you go to the above address, we have a brochure from the NADA TC 
which was the first TC offered in the USA. I believe this was from 1967. 
It shows two optional wheels: the Magstar and the Magnum 500. So, at 
this point in time, Rover specifically identified the wheels as Magnum 
500 wheels, not Rostyle. I don't think Rostyle wheels were ever 
available on a Rover in the USA. They were available on MG's and others. 
So, for the TC, there were the standard steel wheels with wheel covers 
and two optional wheels. The Magstars are rare, but they do turn up. 
There was a car for sale at a towing company in CA a few months ago that 
had Magstars. Just to add some confusion, I have been told that the NADA 
TC wheels and the Federal 3500S Magnum wheels are not interchangeable. I 
am guessing that the hubs were the same but that the V8 wheels were 
wider and possibly offset differently.  The V8 cars also had larger 
brakes.  I know you can't put the V8 wheels on the 4-cyl cars because 
the V8 cars had lower arms shaped to accomodate the wheels while the 
4-cyl cars have the original design.

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