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To confuse it:
I use the wider steel wheels on my SC rear, with the original straight =
upper arms and 195 tyres.  Works fine.
I use the wider wheels all round on the TC, but it has the bent arms =
fitted and 3500 front hubs.
I also did the springs (3500 ones) all round, handles nicely.

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>> Just to add some confusion, I have been told that the NADA=20
TC wheels and the Federal 3500S Magnum wheels are not interchangeable. I =

am guessing that the hubs were the same but that the V8 wheels were=20
wider and possibly offset differently.  The V8 cars also had larger=20
brakes.  I know you can't put the V8 wheels on the 4-cyl cars because=20
the V8 cars had lower arms shaped to accomodate the wheels while the=20
4-cyl cars have the original design.<<

You can fit 2000 wheels to V8 but not the other way around - the P6B had
5.5" wheels with 185HR14 tyres while the 4 cylinder cars had 5" and =
Hence the reshaped lower arms.


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