[ROVERNET - UK] Wheels - Lots of info...

Paul Smith vmitps at netspace.net.au
Sat Aug 5 12:43:13 BST 2006

Since the statistical probability of a random event adding information to a
genome is incredibly small, the idea of "parallel evolution" is ridiculous.
Genomes are fragile, they break down anhydrously.


> I am going to propose that, since the wheels are virtually identical,
> and, since the M500 seems to have appeared in 1966, and the Rostyle
> shortly after, that it is either a remarkable case of parallel
> evolution, or there was a link/license or shared manufacture betweem MWC
> and Rubery-Owen. If there is no link, it would seem that there should be
> evidence of a design/patent infringement case somewhere, it being a
> matter of several million wheels on either side. I also found a Spanish
> website that indicates that Rostyles were used on many European cars

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