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> From: Glen Wilson <rovercar at comcast.net>
> Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] 2000TC Towing Question
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> I had a call from someone who will be towing a 2000TC about 250 miles. 
> Going with a full trailer that gets all four wheels off the ground will 
> mean renting a truck, as well, because the trailer needs the electric 
> brake hook-up. (Most companies here won't even rent you a full trailer 
> unless you rent a truck at the same time.) The other option is the use 
> of a two-wheel dolly, which always raises several questions.
> ...
> Glen

Hi Glen-
  I'm sure others will have the specifics for the mechanical aspects of 
  One thing I would suggest is that if this is to be towed inter-state, 
on a two wheel, single axle dolly, and there is no license plate 
present, they should check the requirements of all the states involved. 
Steve Manwell and I went to Conn. to retrieve a pair of P5's several 
years back, and the unloaded, unlicensed dolly got impounded! Sometimes 
putting a licensed vehicle on an unlicensed dolly can solve the problem. 
I think I've learned more about this than I ever wanted.
  If they do use a dolly, it might be worth the effort to raise it up 
and let the back of the propshaft loose and then supported.
Hope this finds you well,
1960 P5 MkI 4spd w/OD

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