[ROVERNET - UK] Towing

Slatskars slatskars at comcast.net
Sun Aug 6 19:41:17 BST 2006

Some states and I believe Canada have a 1,500 lb towing limit unless the 
vehicle/trailer/dolly being towed has separate auxiliary braking. Both my 
flat bed trailer and tow dolly have electric brakes. I also have a device 
called a "Brake Buddy" that applies braking in a vehicle being flat towed 
using the vehicle's brakes. It has a small air compressor built in and an 
inertia switch to apply the brakes. The force is adjustable, plus it has a 
break-away switch. You might be able to rent one from an RV supply place?

Based on my experience in towing an MG Midget from Florida to the west 
coast, I would undo the rear end of the drive shaft and wire it up to the 
undercarriage. On the other hand I flat towed a Daihatsu Rocky 4X4 over 
8,000 miles with no ill effects behind a motorhome. Check the oil level in 
the transmission and differential.


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