[ROVERNET - UK] Charcoal canister meltdown

geffandjulie geffandjulie at comcast.net
Mon Aug 7 06:56:06 BST 2006

I took my charcoal canisters off my Federal 3500S.  Here in OR no smog 
inspection for cars 25y old I think. However, there is a strong gas smell in 
the car when I fill the tank. Not so bad if I don't fill it. I may put the 
vapor canister, or a replacement, back in.
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Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Charcoal canister meltdown

> Can someone give me an 'x-ray'  inside view of the charcoal canisters on 
> my
> 3500S  V8.  When I went to clean/repaint them, I have discovered that the
> granular charcoal is literally pouring out of the bottom tube (three tubes
> to a canister/ top, side, bottom).  If I hold the canisters perfectly
> vertical the 'flow seems to stop', but if I tilt them slightly to the 
> side,
> the charcoal just keeps running out.
> Have these things rotted internally.  Because they are sealed there is no
> way to 'fix' them.
> Any help, recommendations, input, would be greatly appreciated.
> Lance La Certe,  '70 'Federal' P6B
> lacpsyd at earthlink.net
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