[ROVERNET - UK] New P6 owner questions

Nathan Obuch nathanobuch at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 8 04:00:19 BST 2006

--- Paul Smith <Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au> wrote:

> 1.) When doing rear brake work, would it be a bad
> idea
> to unbolt the rear hub assemblies and pull the
> complete axle & hub out sideways, rather than
> splitting the DeDion tube? I really, really hate
> gear
> oil and even though I will probably eventually need
> to
> deal with the DeDion gaiter, seals, etc, I'd like to
> take my unpleasantness is smaller doses. I assume
> that
> there's no gear oil in the DeDion tube elbows,
> right? 
> There is no need to touch the DeDion for rear
> brakes.
> I reckon it is easiest to take the discs off, or
> drop the diff depending on scope of work. 
> I have rebuilt quite a few calipers.
     Thanks for your reply, Paul. I'm a bit puzzled
about this... the rear caliper removal procedure (in
the Rover shop manual) shows the driveshafts dropped,
but never mentions disconnecting them. The rear disc
removal procedure says to expand the DeDion tube &
drop the driveshafts. Can I drop the driveshafts
without either expanding the DeDion tube or pulling
the driveshafts out sideways with the hubs? It seems
like the driveshafts are fixed length, so I wonder if
there is sufficient clearance to drop them without
them hanging up on the discs & diff flanges. If you
could clarify further, that'd be great.


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