[ROVERNET - UK] New P6 owner questions

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The brake calipers can be removed with the discs, etc. in place. It helps to 
have small hands. One slides out sideways first ( I forget which) and the 
other comes out easily.  I reinstalled them with the flexible line in place, 
which is easier than tightening the line with the calipers on.
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> --- Paul Smith <Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au> wrote:
>> 1.) When doing rear brake work, would it be a bad
>> idea
>> to unbolt the rear hub assemblies and pull the
>> complete axle & hub out sideways, rather than
>> splitting the DeDion tube? I really, really hate
>> gear
>> oil and even though I will probably eventually need
>> to
>> deal with the DeDion gaiter, seals, etc, I'd like to
>> take my unpleasantness is smaller doses. I assume
>> that
>> there's no gear oil in the DeDion tube elbows,
>> right?
>> There is no need to touch the DeDion for rear
>> brakes.
>> I reckon it is easiest to take the discs off, or
>> drop the diff depending on scope of work.
>> I have rebuilt quite a few calipers.
>     Thanks for your reply, Paul. I'm a bit puzzled
> about this... the rear caliper removal procedure (in
> the Rover shop manual) shows the driveshafts dropped,
> but never mentions disconnecting them. The rear disc
> removal procedure says to expand the DeDion tube &
> drop the driveshafts. Can I drop the driveshafts
> without either expanding the DeDion tube or pulling
> the driveshafts out sideways with the hubs? It seems
> like the driveshafts are fixed length, so I wonder if
> there is sufficient clearance to drop them without
> them hanging up on the discs & diff flanges. If you
> could clarify further, that'd be great.
>                 Nathan
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